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 Auto Air-conditioning

Air Conditioning is becoming today's most wanted luxury in a vehicle and unfortunately is a labor intensive job to reach most parts in an air-conditioned system. Air conditioning systems consist of six main items:
Almost everything listed below can be repaired or replaced. Until the system is dye tested or checked for stain marks, we are unable to quote or troubleshoot problems over the phone.
All air conditioning work comes with a warranty and systems are fitted with a florescent dye to be checked two weeks later for a fluoro UV check.

  • Condenser
  • Receiver Dryer
  • Compressor
  • TX valve
  • Evaporator
  • Air conditioning lines
- condenses cold air (works like a radiator)
- acts as a filter
- pumps liquid gas through the system
- similar to a thermostat
- creates cold air intake through air vents
- transports gas to each system

Radiator and Air Conditioning Offers:

Re-gas Service, Retro fitting old - new gas, Line hose repairs, Full installation, Basic Repairs

Radiators and Air conditioning cover all fields from automotive to truck.
All checks on air conditioning systems are written on a job sheet and quoted free of charge.
These sheets are filed in case of further complications and can be easily accessed to review the previous service completed.
To all trucking companies, busy businessmen and women or even people who simply want to stay in the comfort of their own home, we offer mobile, on-site service of your air conditioning system.
Bookings are essential.
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